A Christmas Carol @ The Palace Theatre

After Ice skating in Spinningfields and visiting the Christmas markets last week, why not carry on getting in the festive spirit by attending tonight’s opening night of A Christmas Carol. Presented by Northern Ballet at The Palace Theatre, the show combines traditional ballet and captivating theater to bring to life the story we all knew and loved as a child. We doubt there’ll be a dry eye in the house by the end of the performance, which runs until Saturday (so get your tickets quick!)


The colorful sets, vibrant score and elaborate costumes conjure up a wonderful re-imagining of a Victorian Christmas and the combination of classical orchestral music paired with well-known Christmas carols sung by the cast will surely delight the whole family.

Carry on the Christmas magic after the show by booking a Mantax black cab and enjoying Manchester’s twinkling Christmas lights, our friendly drivers will be happy to show you the best spots in town! Book on 0161 230 3333.



2 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol @ The Palace Theatre

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